Class Options

Marlin School of Swimming offers small class sizes.   At every level, our instructors guide students to attain their best while enjoying the sport of swimming.

Our primary goal is to teach our students how to relax, appreciate and love the water while achieving new lifelong skills.   We are more interested in the quality of the stroke providing a strong foundation to build up each stroke, versus the speed for each stroke, for as the stroke improves with efficiency, it becomes easier and speed naturally increases.

From water-orientation to becoming a skilled “MARLIN” swimmer, we guide the swimmer’s progress using consistent methods, skills, and instructional techniques.

Select from any of the following class options below or a combination of two options.

Children benefit most from multiple classes per week. This accelerates the learning curve by addressing individualized skills that are difficult for them along with curriculum, learning and peer motivation. Sign up for Mon/Wed classes with Tue/Thurs classes to realize skill advancement most rapidly.

We look forward to our time in the water with your swimmer!

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Group Lessons

Group lessons are extremely good for outgoing or competitive children, and shy children can benefit and blossom in these peer group, small classes as well.Our group lessons offer a student to instructor ratio of 4:1 at our beginner levels, and 5 or 6:1 ratios in our advanced (stroke) levels. See our course descriptions to see what level your child should enroll in.

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Semi -Private Lessons

Two students per instructor. Great for friends or siblings who are near the same swimming ability and age range. The children have fun together and encourage each other. Semi-private classes offer custom scheduling as you create your own class. You supply your own partner to fill the class, however, there may be times we can assist you.

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Private Lessons

Some learning situations may best be initiated with a private lesson. Private lessons are concentrated, intensive, one-on-one swim training experiences that give the new student the maximum opportunity to quickly learn insight on skill technique. Especially recommended for the fearful child or a child with a late start in formal lessons. Also helpful for a child that needs specialized assistance on a specific skill. Private lessons are individually scheduled by calling 509-946-SWIM (7946)

Lessons are 20 minutes long.     Sign Up Now!

Drowning is the #1 cause of childhood death in children under the age of five in the United States. Our goal is to bring education to both parents and children as our partners. Together we can instill respect and safety skills when they are in or around any body of water. We want to add to the ‘layers of protection’ against drowning.

Remember, the only 100% preventative measure against a childhood drowning is the constant supervision from a qualified adult.

Please read more about how we view safety here.