Character Development

Building Children of Character … One Stroke at a Time!

Marlin School of Swimming recognizes how important developing positive character traits of integrity is among our youth in today’s society.  It is our pleasure to partner with your family to infuse Character Education into a daily routine.

Each 3 week session a character trait is featured and is supported throughout the daily lessons.  We emphasize and teach the definition so the students will truly understand and internalize its meaning.  Homework is available online to complete at home with their family and return to MSS.  We encourage the parents to continue to add value to the character development program with at home discussions.

What we fill our minds with is what we become.   Together, if we fill their minds with positive statements and challenge them to live by them, it could have a powerful impact on their lives.

We want to come alongside of our families to help place moral tools in the lives of children creating an admiration in each child for quality of character.

• Demonstrate that personal responsibility is admirable.
• That behaviors have consequences.
• That family and the right friends can give a good foundation that forms strong conviction and conscience.
• That good character does give a sense of well-being to each child as it takes its place in its world.

Some things we can partner together with:

Talk to your child about the character word of the session.

Ask your child to tell you about the character trait it checks their understanding.

Catch your child making good choices.

Forget the past mistakes and take a positive twist after consequence to learn for next time.

The investment to instill good character into a child is priceless!

“Building Children of Character … One Stroke at a Time!” is our school culture and supports everything we do.