Greetings from the Marlin Family and Marlin School of Swimming,

The world has seen some big changes over these last few years and we are hopeful as we advance into a new era. With this said, we want to take the time to thank all of our swim families for your continued support over the years and announce that regrettably, we will be putting lessons on hold this summer with plans to reopen in a new location in the future.

We are so appreciative for the decades of service we have been able to provide our community: 64 years providing connections and skills for a lifetime, 3+ generations of instructors and clients alike—we at Marlin School of Swimming (Chitty’s Swimland) are honored to have been the local standard for quality swim lessons. We are so grateful for the amazing and supportive families that have made our pool deck into a space for connection that we all have grown so thankful for through the years.

Though we are pressing pause on business as usual for now, in the future we want to continue this legacy by preparing a new location for the future home of Marlin School of Swimming where we plan to expand our offerings to even more community and family-focused activities.

If you are interested in partnering with Marlin School of Swimming please reach out to for more information.


Your Marlin Swim Family

Our general information includes rules that help to ensure the safety of everyone and to help the swim program run smoothly.

General Information

  1. All children not in class, must remain with their guardian.   Students will be invited to enter the pool from the designated benches.
  2. Five minutes before your student’s class begins, he/she may sit on the designated bench and wait for his/her instructor’s invitation into the water.
  3. Please have your child arrive with swimsuit on.   A sweat suit for after lessons is an excellent way to keep warm on cooler weather days.
  4. We ask that those not currently involved in the current lesson, please remain seated by their parent.   Please bring something for children not in lessons to keep quietly entertained so as not to interrupt the quality of the lessons being taught.
  5. Hair needs to be kept out of children’s faces.   Long hair needs to be in a ponytail.   Boys and girls with long bangs need to have bangs pulled back with a barrette or swim cap.   Do not use bobby pins to secure hair.
  6. Please remove all Band-Aids before lessons, as most of them come off in the pool.
  7. Keep children’s fingers and toenails cut and filed on a weekly basis.
  8. Do not allow children to enter pool with food or gum in their mouths.
  9. Children may wear goggles during class; however, the goggles are to remain on their eyes the entire lesson.   Please adjust the size and test for leaks before class.   It is not the instructor’s job to do adjustments.   If we feel your child is using goggles as a crutch or they become a distraction and cannot function without them, we may suggest having a few lessons without them.
  10. If your child has a fever or contagious illness or disease, please stay home until the illness is resolved.   If you are unsure, consult your doctor for the proper course of action.
  11. Potty-trained children should use the restroom at home before their class is scheduled to begin.
  12. Swim diapers must be worn by all children not 100% potty trained.   Please continue the use of swim diapers during the training process.   Even if a suit has a swim diaper built in; children must still wear another form of protection.
  13. Just as children learn to walk and talk at different rates, they will progress in swimming at their own pace.   Please do not compare the progress of your child to that of other children.   Praise even the smallest accomplishments.   Let your children know you are proud of them!
  14. Classes are taught in continuous progression.   The more sessions a child takes, the greater the retention, and the better and safer the swimmer becomes.
  15. Because we can not offer tuition refunds we offer in-house credit for services, when deemed appropriate.
  16. There is a $30 fee for any returned checks.
  17. For the health and safety of all, please no pets or glass containers at any of the pool locations.
  18. If a class does not fill to 60% we reserve the right to reschedule class times. We reserve the right to refuse service.
  19. Please address all questions and concerns only with someone on the Marlin School of Swimming staff.
  20. Relax as you enjoy watching your child actually having fun while learning a lifesaving skill

Reasons to Learn to Swim

•  Swim for Health. People involved in even simple exercise have a lower risk of many diseases as well as a better state of mental and emotional well-being. Swimming is highly recommended by the medical profession, as it also causes no stress to the body’s joints.

•  Safety in and around the water is greatly enhanced by being able to swim. Drowning is the major cause of accidental death in children under the age of 5. Many adults also drown regularly while fishing, boating or swimming in rivers and lakes.

•  It’s good fun. As soon as the feet leave the bottom, you experience a whole new adventure in the water world.

•  Fitness for the total body comes from swimming by developing muscle tone and endurance.

•  Swimming is a lifelong activity – and an asset for life.

•  The family can come together for health, fitness, and fun!

•  Meet new friends – Swimming lessons can be a great place for children and parents to meet new people. Many friendships have been formed at the pool!

•  Be refreshed. A nice dip in the pool can be great for stress relief.