Our Staff/Training

We work to build smiles, confidence and success!

All members of our team are carefully chosen based on a variety of attributes, friendliness, integrity, character, dedication, enthusiasm, patience, capability and love for working with children.   Each team member brings unique but complimentary style of interaction and education to parents, children, and training, while maintaining the standards and quality of our proven methodology.

Our family of instructors is certified in CPR and has had over 60 hours of specialized training in the MSS methodology and techniques. They teach aquatic skills using age appropriate developmental teaching techniques, imagery, and creativity.

MSS is trained in the Infant / Toddler swimming through the United States Swim School Association and in Red Cross and is also a member of the World Aquatic Babies Congress.   MSS regularly participates in research and events to continually educate ourselves and our staff so we are trained in the latest teaching techniques regularly so we can maintain our high standards. We work diligently on staff development in order to maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

We value our profession as it gives our students a life skill, teaches social interaction, increases self-esteem, gives a sense of accomplishment providing a lifetime of enjoyment.