Welcome to the Marlin School of Swimming!

Welcome to Marlin School of Swimming (MSS), where you can relax and enjoy watching your child actually having fun learning a lifesaving, lifelong skill!

Our school was founded in 1958 and over the past 60 plus years we have developed one of the industry’s most effective swim curriculums.

We have pioneered excellence in Aquatic Education and safety training.

Our certified instructors produce extraordinary progress in their students as a result of our outstanding program.  In an atmosphere of patience and love, each child can learn to swim skillfully, in addition to building self-esteem through encouragement and repeated success.

The MSS approach to swim instruction emphasizes water safety, skill building, and fun.  We keep our water heated to 86° or warmer, to allow the swimmer to be relaxed and comfortable in the water.  To this, we add innovative teaching methods that keep learning fun, logical and in a sequential teaching progression with one success building upon another.

We continue to maintain our highest quality of swimming instruction by keeping abreast of current childhood development trends, by providing ongoing comprehensive training for our staff and constantly reviewing our program and teaching methods for maximum effectiveness.

Swimming is an asset for life, and we want to share that with you and our community.  We look forward to your family becoming a part of our growing family of swimmers.  It is so exciting to look back over five decades in this business and realize that we are now teaching second and third generations of children to swim.
We believe that learning to swim well should be a part of every student’s “Education for Life”.  Our curriculum, award system, teacher training and parent communication are all designed to provide a total “Aquatic Education”.

Together we teach SKILLS TO LAST A LIFETIME!